At the time that I began treatment under Dr. Belli, I had multiple health issues, including chemical sensitivity, digestive complaints and a host of allergies, which greatly impacted the selection of food I was able to eat and digest. During the past three and one half years, my food selection has greatly increased, while the severity of allergies has decreased and I have been able to gain much desired weight. Overall, my health has greatly improved.


I have benefitted greatly in the fifteen years that I have been a patient of Dr. Randall March. Originally, as a golf professional I suffered a herniated disc in my low back while lifting a large video computer I used for instruction. Two Kaiser Doctors recommended surgery but that would have ended my golf career. I worked through this injury with regular visits to Dr. March over a six month period along with swimming at a health club I joined to rehab. I returned to work as a golf pro for two more years. Ten years later I was in a major automobile accident and suffered a neck injury. Again I rehabbed with regular visits seeing Dr. March as well as massage therapy and a recommended set of exercises using a gym ball and yoga stretching. I highly recommend the resources at Spectrum A.K.

I remember well the comment Dr. March made to me early on in my health care, “the goal is to make you your own doctor.” This has been an empowering experience for me. I am currently playing competitive golf again. I highly recommend Spectrum A.K. and hope all who come here will have the same level of success.

L. Sklar