Massage Therapy

Therapeutic/Relaxation Massage

  • Circulatory System: Massage improves the circulation of the blood throughout the body, thus improving the supply of oxygen and nutrients to all cells, tissues, and organs. It helps to remove metabolic wastes from the body and can be beneficial in decreasing blood pressure.
  • Digestive System: Massage aids in relaxing the abdominal and intestinal muscles and improves functioning of the digestive system. Massage stimulates the liver and kidneys and helps to alleviate faulty elimination.
  • Lymph Vascular System: Helps to increase lymph circulation, aids in the elimination of metabolic wastes and stimulates the immune system.
  • Muscular System: Stimulates and tones the muscles. It helps to relieve soreness and stiffness in muscles and joints and strengthens connective tissue. It aides in relaxation, relieves fatigue and provides relief of muscle spasm.
  • Nervous System: Increases the blood supply to the nerves and brain. It stimulates motor nerve points, alleviates stress and tension and promotes a sense of well being.
  • Integumentary System (The Skin): Massage increases the supply of blood to the skin and thereby nourishing the tissues. It improves skin tone, helps to firm facial muscles and helps to keep oil glands functioning normally.
  • Electromagnetic: Massage can open and balance the flow of the body’s healing life force (electromagnetic energy). The balances channeling of this energy is essential for good health.
  • Mind-Body Connection: Helps to make the mind-body connection by touch. The sensory nerves transmit signals to the brain. It also allows people to deal with emotional memories that were stored in a certain part of the body (emotional release). Helping not only physically, but also helping emotionally. Treating a person in a holistic approach as a whole person.


Massage Rates

Body: 30min = $48

1 Hr. =  $68

90min =  $98

Hot Stone: 1 Hr = $98

90 min = $118

Neck & Shoulder: 20 min.= $38
Hand/Foot: 20 min. = $38
Chair Massage: $1/min