Why Choose Spectrum

Seventy percent of health care problems presented today are both chronic and complex. Often these problems are functional rather than pathological; that is, problems with abnormal physiology as opposed to disease.

Modern medicine is very adept at treating disease and pathology, but just doesn’t have all the answers for functional disorders.  For example, health issues, such as unexplainable fatigue, pain, depression and digestive disorders are considered functional. In contrast, an acute infection, wound or broken bone is considered pathological.

Spectrum Applied Kinesiology and Chiropractic doctors have extensive training in treating functional disorders. They have a unique combination of training in functional neurology, functional medicine and professional-applied kinesiology that makes for a powerful toolkit for analyzing and treating functional disorders. Using this multi-pronged approach, Spectrum doctors not only strive to fix your problem as quickly as possible—but work to figure out the underlying cause or trigger and help you remove it so the problem does not return.

Your doctor at Spectrum takes the “patient-centered” (instead of the “disease-centered”) approach to discovering and treating your specific problem. In other words, the individual—not the disease—is the target of treatment. Doctors at Spectrum view disease—not as an enemy with which to grapple—but as a manifestation of the breakdown of mechanisms that maintain control, resilience and balance. Dysfunction and disease are rarely organ-specific; they are an altered systemic physiological malfunction that requires an integrated model of therapeutic intervention.

Doctors at Spectrum take the whole-person approach. Your treatment is patient-centered and comprehensive. And your treatment plan is individualized and tailored for you in order to achieve the fastest and longest lasting results possible. They are committed to using the safest and least expensive treatment and testing methods possible to achieve maximum benefit.

Your Spectrum doctor also uses a clinical protocol that includes neurological, biochemical and structural principles. These principals are firmly founded in extensive research and solidly grounded in extensive practical clinical experience

They will become your coach and partner in health by taking into consideration your diet, lifestyle, exercise habits, stress factors, genetic makeup and nutritional supplementation. This is a whole-person approach. And your doctor will strive to help you remove the triggers to your health issues so they do not return.

With this in mind, the doctors and staff of Spectrum Applied Kinesiology and Chiropractic would be honored if you, your family and friends choose them for guidance through a long and prosperous life of robust health and vitality.